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MP3 Audio Converter - - convert audio formats MP3/MP2/MP1, MPA, WMA, ASF, WAV, OGG, AAC, M4A/MP4, WavPack WV, AC3, FLAC, APE/MAC, MPC/MP+/MPP, SPX, AIFF


Step 1: Add audio files or folders to convert  
Click to add audio files, or to add audio folders into the conversion list, or just just simply drag & drop the files/folder to MP3 Audio Converter window.

Once the audio file has been successfully loaded, you are able to view the information of selected audio file. Please use (remove) and (remove all)  to manage the audio file in the conversion list.

- To select multiple items in the list at one time, please use 'Ctrl' or 'Shift' keys.
- You can play the source audio file by click  .
- You can enlarge the window to view more information of the audio files you've added in the conversion list on the screen at one time. 


Step 2: Choose/Set the conversion quality  
PRODUCTNAME provides a quick and easy way for you to set and manage conversion parameters with "Conversion Quality".  Choose one conversion quality from the list, or just set any encoding parameters you'd like.

Click the 'Quality Management' button, you can easily manage the quality list: add/new (), update/save () and remove (), and reset () all qualities to the default.

1. Though all parameters are defined by pre-define quality, you are still able to change any parameters for current conversion if necessary.
'Enable VBR' is only valid for MP3 format, which means to recording MP3 in VBR (Variable Bitrate) mode.


Step 3: Convert audio file now  
Click ''Start Convert' button and choose the output folder. You can cancel the current conversion session by click this button again.   

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