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MP3 Joiner Pro Basic - merge multiple audio files to a larger one in three steps


Advanced Usage of MP3 Joiner Pro  

Step 1: Add Audio Files  
Click 'Add' button to add the audio files to the merge list, or just simply drag & drop the files to MP3 Joiner Pro window.

- You can enlarge the dialog window to view more information of the tracks you've added in the merge list on the screen at one time. 

MP3 Joiner - Add MP3 Files
Step 2: Adjust Sequence to Merge  
MP3 Joiner Pro provides several simple ways for you to easily adjust the sequence of the audio files to be merged.

You can adjust the sequence by using  ,,,. Also, just select & drag audio files in the list to the new position you'd like to move. Or you can quickly sort the merge list by each column, by simply clicking the corresponding column header. 

To select several audio files in the merge list at one time, please use 'Ctrl' and 'Shift' keys.

MP3 Joiner - Adjust MP3 Sequence to Merge
Step 3: Merge Now  
Click ''Start Merge' button and choose the target folder/file name.


MP3 Joiner - Merge Now

Advanced Functions of MP3 Joiner

Merge with Different Mode  

MP3 Joiner Pro provides two merge modes:
Direct/Fast Mode - Merge the audio files directly without re-encoding, it is fast and keeps exactly the same sound quality of original audio files.

Conversion Mode - Convert all audio files to same encoding in advance before merge. You can choose this mode to merge audio files of different format or encoding parameters. Furthermore, you are able to define the Sample Rate and Channel of the output file.

MP3 Joiner Pro uses 'Auto. Detect' mode by default, which will analysis the audio file you just loaded and then automatically select the best merge mode for you.

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Partial Merge  
You can merge either the entire file or any portions of audio files. You can set only one portion of a file to merge at one time. If you'd like to merge more portions of the same file, please just add the file to the merge list again and set its portion to merge.

To set 'Partial Merge', just select the files and click 'Partial Merge' button to open the setting dialog.

Enable Partial Merge - enable or disable Partial Merge.

Begin Time Position - the time position for the merge to start at.

End Time Position - the time position for the merge to end at. There are three ways to set the end position:
- set end pos directly
- set the time length to the file end. (end pos = total time length - length)
- set the time length to merge. (end pos = begin time pos + length)

Auto Apply Partial Merge - check the option 'apply the setting to all new added audio files' if you'd like to apply the Partial Merge automatically.

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Import/Export track information from M3U, PLS file  
MP3 Joiner Pro is able to import and export track information directly from M3U (*.m3u) and PLS (*.pls) file:
Import track information - you can import the tracks to merge from either M3U (*.m3u) or PLS (*.pls) file. Click 'Open List' button, select the file to import. Once done, the tracks will be automatically added in the merge list.

Export track information - you can export the tracks in the merge list to M3U (*.m3u) file. Click 'Save List' button, export the tracks in the merge list to the file you selected.

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Insert Silence between Tracks  
Same as the standard version. Click here to view.

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Set ID3 Tag information of Merged MP3  

Click the 'ID3'->'Edit ...' button right near the merge information box to set the ID3 tag information for the MP3 file that will be merged if you want, such as Title, Artist, etc. 

Or click 'ID3'->'Copy' button, it allows you to copy the ID3 tag information directly from any of the selected MP3 file in join list.

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